Struffoli Recipe, Neapolitan Honey Balls

Struffoli Honey Balls Recipe | Grandma´s Italian Recipe
📆 2020-07-07
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Struffoli are a typical sweet dish prepared in Naples, and also served in different regions with different names, like "Porcedduzzi" and "Giggeri".

The recipe consists in small balls of fried sweet dough, usually served glazed with honey and garnished with sprinkles of sugar and sometimes candied fruits.

The ingredients for 6 servings are:

  • 500 gr. Flour

  • 4 Whole Eggs

  • 100 gr. Butter

  • 35 gr. Dark Rhum Liquor or Aroma

  • 1 Grated Orange Peel

  • 1 Grated Lemon Peel

  • 90 gr. Sugar

  • 400 gr. Honey

  • Sprinkles of Sugar

  • Candied Fruits (Orange Peel is the better choice)

  • 1 Lt. Vegetable Seeds Oil

  • To prepare this recipe:

    Sift the flour on a table, make a hole in the center of the flour and break the eggs in it. Soften the butter, cut it in dices and add it to the eggs, then add the sugar.

    Begin to work the dough using a tool, a fork will be good too, use your hands when the gough becomes less sticky, and as you knead add the rhum and the grated orange and the lemon peels.

    When the dough is smooth, wrap it in cling film and put in the fridge to rest for 1 hour.

    After one hour, we are now going to roll out the dough.

    So we cut a little piece of the dough and we roll it in a long 1cm. thick cylinder.

    Now cut this cylinder in 1 cm thick pieces, and you’ll get small rectangles.

    Roll them one by one in your hand until they become round.

    We can now move on to the next step:

    Heat the vegetable seeds oil in a pan, and when the oil is hot we can fry the Struffoli, pouring them gently inside the oil using a skimmer.

    They will sink at first, then they will come up pretty soon, from that moment reckon 50 seconds, and they’re ready!

    Struffoli cooks incredibly fast, so don’t let them get too dark.

    When they’re ready lay them in a large dish on a frying paper sheet, and take a pot large enough to contain all the Struffoli.

    Heat the honey in it, then pour all of the Struffoli inside the pot and add the sprinkles of sugar and the candied fruits.

    Let them soak in the honey and serve garnishing with some other sprinkles of sugar, or honey if you like it more.


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