Graffe Napoletane Recipe

Graffe Napoletane | Grandma´s Italian Recipe
📆 2020-12-22
🔖 Pastries

Graffe are a particular type of very soft fried donuts, made with ingredients like potatoes and available in Naples all year, but are especially prepared during carnival and they are also available in other regions, tough they’re not as good as the ones prepared in Naples.

The ingredients to prepare this recipe are:

  • 500 gr. Flour
  • 400 gr. Potatoes
  • 25 gr. Brewer’s Yeast
  • 60 gr. Sugar
  • 20 gr. Honey
  • 120 gr. Butter
  • 4 Eggs

  • Here’s how to prepare this delicious dessert:

    1.- Start by placing a pot full of water over high heat.

    2.- Bring to a boil, wash the potatoes and boil them for 50 minutes.

    3.- Once the potatoes are ready, peel them and crush them, then let them cool down until they’re cold enough to be handled with your hands.

    4.- Take a large bowl and mix together the flour and the brewer’s yeast, the add the sugar and the honey.

    5.- Mix everything with the eggs, and you’ll start to get the dough we need.

    6.- Add the smashed potatoes.

    7.- Now can add the butter, make sure to add a bit at the time to make sure the butter will be completely absorbed by the dough before adding more.

    8.- Knead it well until the whole dough becomes smooth, give it a sphere shape and keep it into the bowl.

    9.- Place in a warm place for 2 hours to leaven.

    10.- Put the dough on the table after the 2 hours have passed, and roll the dough to get a regular cylinder.

    11.- Cut 100 gr. Slices and poke a hole in center of each, then use your hands and your fingers to enlarge the hole. Don’t make it too small since the Graffe will leaven again and they will expand during cooking.

    12.- Place the Graffe on a tray, and allow to raise for 1 hour, they will almost double in their volume, and then our Graffe will be ready to be deep-fried.

    13.- It is time to pour the vegetable seeds oil in the pot and placing over medium heat. Stick the thermometer inside the oil and bring it to 160°C.

    14.- Once the oil has reached the right temperature, dip each Graffe in the vegetable seed oil, and cook until each side will turn golden brown.

    15.- Pour 200 gr. Of sugar on a large tray and once the Graffe are cooked, gently place each Graffe on the sugar, and roll them in it to get a nice sugared surface.

    Serve hot.

    Graffe Napoletane - Video recipe

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